Self-sinking Shafts, Skrapar

One of the works for which our company is very proud of the quality of works, Safety measures and implementations also the cooperation with the well-known French company BeSSAC. Within a period of 3 months, thanks to the cooperation and mutual understanding were realized 2 shafts with these plane dimensions: 1. Internal diameter of 10.8 m and External diameter of 12.4 m 2. Shaft height of 11m. The greatest difficulty these works have encountered in the presence of groundwater as well as the variable geological formation for the very history of the formation of the geology of the city of Çorvoda. To meet the constructive and technical safety criteria, our company has brought as an innovation the use of holding trusses of the well-known Italian company VEBRA s.r.l as well as the PERI GRV system. The mechanization of the process has led to the realization of 1425 m3 of concrete, 710 m2 of formworks of the PERI GRV system, 120 tons of reinforcement and 3500 m3 of excavated soil.