20-meter Shaft, Tirana

These geotechnical and constructive works have been and remain a special challenge for our firm for the changing conditions of soil geology and groundwater levels. In these constructions, in addition to the guarantee of works, safety at work is also important for us, where in the direction of this sector our company continues to invest with personal safety equipment (seat belts, hard hats, fixing hooks, fall prevention, self-retracting lifeline etc.) as well as equipment to guarantee secure shaft access (baskets). Based on the analogy of the hydraulic jacks of the car, our company with the method of self-sinking of the shaft has constructed about 13 shafts, where 11 of them in Tirana and 2 others in Çorovodë. For the fulfillment of the constructive and safety criteria, our company has brought as an innovation the use of the truss system of the well-known Italian company VEBRA s.r.l as well as the PERI GRV system. The mechanization of the assisted process has led to the realization of 712 m3 of concrete, 370 m2 of formworks of the PERI GRV system, 60 tons of reinforcement and 1600 m3 of excavated soil, all within a period of 45 days.