Special construction with 30m height and 23m diameter for wastewater treatment as well as key stages in the water treatment scheme, for the very process of gas formation from the decantation of organic waste. Being the first time that such a work is built in Albania, the care, dedication of the staff and the degree of mechanization have been maximum to ensure the realization of a work, which will be safe and durable in terms of constructive loads but also the action of corrosive agents. For the construction of this work, as a novelty is the use of the PERI GRV system, which has made possible the realization of the walls of the digesters without holes, which are needed in other formworks systems, based on the self-supporting ability of the formworks system. Also another challenge has been the sloping walls, which form the conical part at the end of which will decant organic waste, where for their realization the plastic properties of concrete have been used and avoiding the use of a formwork, which would not be able to provide a regular surface. Thanks to the high degree of process mechanization was made possible the realization of 490 tons of reinforcement, 1600 m3 of gravel, 1500 m3 of concrete, 1170 m2 of formworks of the PERI GRV system has been enabled in a record time of 40 days, but it should be noted that these facilities are only in the initial stage of them.